All about a.r.t. massage body spa

Our Mission

We are centrally located in the Alamo Heights area of San Antonio, Texas in a charming 1920’s era bungalow.  From the moment you walk in you are instantly forced to leave all your stress at the door.  Our focus is to bring Advanced techniques and products that are Relaxing and Therapeutic. 

We offer treatments that are specifically designed to improve your quality of life. Expect nothing but the best quality massage and treatments from the staff at a.r.t. massage body  spa.




A.R.T. MASSAGE BODY SPA is committed to bringing the most advanced knowledge, skills, and products to the client.  We have a deep passion to educate and bring forth the benefits of all our treatments to those around us.  It is our mission to help our clients improve their quality of life through massage therapy and spa treatments using all natural, safe products.

We offer the ultimate in relaxation through sight, touch, smell, and sound.  Each treatment room has been carefully designed and uniquely decorated to subconsciously force one to RELAX.  We provide an atmosphere that leaves one with a renewed meaning of relaxation.

Each treatment is tailored to the client’s individual needs.  We believe human performance of every day life is affected by soft tissue dysfunction.  Our goal is to reduce tension, induce muscular relaxation, and enhance circulation through massage and spa therapies.  Each of our treatments are created with the purpose of being therapeutic, both through the use of natural products and techniques.

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